MP proposes to establish single investigative body in Azerbaijan

Baku: MP Zahid Oruj has proposed to establish a single investigative body in Azerbaijan.

The MP made the remarks on Friday during a discussion of the draft law on combating religious extremism at the parliament.

The case on the Ministry of National Security and the recent Nardaran incident do not distract us from the objectives set by the state, said the MP.

With regard to recent arrests of several employees of the national security ministry, Oruj said that perhaps so many employees of security bodies haven’t been arrested in any country.

“The Prosecutor General’s Office has a body that controls security agencies. What claims of security agencies did this body rejected in recent years? Investigative agencies at separate state bodies should be abolished. The issue of establishing a single investigative body can be also considered,” he noted.

Oruj said that squares were named after Imam Hussein, Imam Ali and others in Nardaran.

“Azerbaijan is a legal state and naming squares after religious titles shall be determined by law. I want to touch upon the issue of financing extremism. What are the funds collected from sacred places and sanctuaries spent for? What problems are solved with the donations collected from Nardaran sanctuaries? It seems that, these funds were spent on buying weapons and other harmful purposes,” he added.