MP: If you follow prophetic path, why should you not let your child go to school?

Baku: A believer should never wield a grenade, an automatic rifle. It’s more than clear that they, under the cover of religion, have sought to commit terror in Azerbaijan, APA quoted chairman of the parliamentary committee on religious organizations and public unions Siyavush Novruzlu as saying.

The committee chairman said Azerbaijan is not facing any problem with religion. A few days before the Nardaran incidents, Azerbaijan had hosted the most important ISESCO event, which was attended by renowned representatives of all Muslim countries. Major religious events nowadays take place in Azerbaijan. This is a striking example of Azerbaijan’s care to the religion of Islam,” he said.

Novruzov noted that some persons are seeking to undermine Azerbaijan’s state structure.

“Our president and sheikh always remind in their speeches that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. Each terrorist organization has its own name. Islam has prohibited terrorism – it can be implied from the Holy Quran.

An amendment has already been made in the law; if parents decide not to send their child to school, they will be fined. The Prophet said, ‘A scholar’s ink is more virtuous than the blood of the martyrs’. If you’re following the prophetic way, then why should you not let your child go to school? An illiterate person can be dragged to any side,” said Novruzov.