MP: Azerbaijan must withstand these pressures

Baku: Rasim Musabeyov: The Executive Committee of the European Olympic Committee will not pay any attention to the calls of Human Rights Watch (HRW) and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)

“The Executive Committee of the European Olympic Committee will not pay any attention the calls of HRW and CPJ,” Politician Rasim Musabeyov said in a statement to APA.

Note that, Human Rights Watch and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) have urged 17 members of the Executive Committee of the European Olympic Committee to exert pressure on the Azerbaijani government.

R. Musabeyov said that giving a reaction to this call would mean the politicization of the European Olympic Committee.

“The activity of Human Rights Watch and other organizations of this kind with regard to Azerbaijan is no coincidence because Azerbaijan has drawn much attention due to the first European Games. All of these organizations also try to make use of the world’s growing attention to Azerbaijan for their own purposes. These organizations tried to take the advantage of the opportunity that came up when China, Brazil and other countries hosted the Olympic Games. We just need to be patient,” he said.

MP Fazil Mustafa said in his statement to APA these pressures are aimed at the mixing of sports with politics.

“Of course, no one supports arrests through political or occupation motives. But is there any relation between this and sports, the European Games? Russia hosted the Winter Olympic Games. Did they dare to demand anything from this country or take any step? They did not mix sports with politics. In that case, these steps against Azerbaijan in the current situation are direct pressure. Had no one been arrested, they would still have brought up this matter. Therefore, we should focus on our job to hold the event at a high level and show to the world Azerbaijan is of the countries that have the right to host such large-scale events,” said the MP.

The MP said if there are any problems within the country or with the judicial system, they have to be eliminated.

“But it’s inadmissible to do it by use of pressure with someone dictating what we should do and to allow any campaign against Azerbaijan under the pretext of sports competitions. People should not get hopeful that as if they are thinking of taking some steps in our favor. These same organizations have never thought of doing the same against Armenia. And they did not put forward such strict demands over those killed in Armenia at the time of the presidential elections. So our position is that Azerbaijan must withstand these pressures,” said the MP.