More than 2,000 military officers systematically forced to quit

Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Atilla Kart asserted on Monday that a systematic and discriminatory process of purging officers in the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) based on officers’ ethnicity, religion or lifestyle choices has been under way since 2010.

At a press conference in Parliament, Kart said that many military officers in the TSK, especially in the Turkish Air Forces (THK), have been systematically fired over the past three to four years and that the CHP has concrete evidence to support these claims in the form of documents and information regarding the practice.

“The purging of officers in the TSK has turned out to be a chronic practice, and especially so in the THK. Numbers provided by the Ministry of Defense have confirmed the existence of such a practice,” Kart added.

Stressing that a response to a CHP parliamentary question revealed that more than 2,000 military officers were forced to resign between 2010 and 2012, Kart said that Minister of Defense İsmet Yılmaz confirmed that a number of pilots and army officers have been purged in 2014 as well.