More forest fires to come if system remains same

More forest fires to come if system remains sameIn order to minimize the burning and destroying of our forests, it is necessary to establish an appropriate administrative body and have it function effectively. The structure of the current forestry administration in Turkey is not functioning.

And we cannot say it is getting any better The geographical areas of responsibility of the forestry offices in the regions which often experience forest fires are too large for technical staff to handle, protect or even explore. The assignment of the administration’s technical employees is also problematic.

Employees are not always assigned to the areas they specialize in. Additionally, in Turkey, the structural characteristics of forests vary in each area in terms of the economic, social, cultural and ecological conditions.

In forestry, beyond technical expertise, one should have a huge amount of knowledge about the particular area’s conditions. This requirement has never been met in Turkish forestry.

Personnel who do not have any experience of putting out fires have been assigned to the places where forest fires occur the most. (MELIS ALPHAN, HuRRIYET.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman