Missing Turkey’s zeitgeist

One of the most bizarre moments last week was when I saw the 78-year-old Deniz Baykal smiling for the cameras with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
It seemed so out of tune with Turkeyand’s current mood that I was more than perplexed. So, after years of suppression, the Gezi Park protests, the Dec. 17 and 25, 2013 graft scandals and the last election, all we got was Baykal smirking at us? Something was surely wrong. I thought it was a perfect illustration of how insensitive Turkeyand’s politicians are to Turkish societyand’s zeitgeist.
Of course, all of the four parties are trying to come up with a formula to form a coalition government. It is natural that they are preoccupied with that. Yet, they need to be more sensitive to what at least 60 percent of the Turkish electorate is sensitized to. This majority wants to see a correction to the many outrageous wrongdoings of the past four years. They feel that we all need to come to terms with what happened in that time. We cannot simply go on as if nothing has happened. There needs to be closure.
The Turkish electorate voted as it did because it was no longer happy with the many excesses of Erdogan and the government. The electorate wants to see an end to the absurd pressure exerted on the media. It wants justice to be delivered regarding who is responsible for the deaths of nine young men during the Gezi Park protests. The electorate wants to see the Dec. 17 and 25 graft cases reopened and the four notorious ministers to be brought in front of the Supreme Criminal Court in Parliament. It wants to see legal cases opened against those who are being accused of having sold Ankara and”plot by plot.and” It certainly wants a thorough investigation into the election fraud allegations surrounding the local elections of March 30, 2014 in Ankara. Those who have engaged in hate crimes through their publications, who have leveled some outrageous accusations against many innocent people and who have fabricated polarizing news need to be held accountable. Without proper closure of these cases there will not be peace in our society.
Societies need to see justice delivered after traumatic periods. They want to see the wrongdoers held to account. No one wants any parading or excessive cases leveled against those who have done wrong. On the contrary, it is extremely important that those who are charged be dealt with fairly, according to the law and without excess. However, it is important that closure takes place. All parties negotiating with the ruling party need to keep this zeitgeist in their minds. Without proper closure of this era, whatever will come next will not be lasting or satisfactory to our society. We deserve better.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman