Ministry issues traffic tickets to 125 Gezi protesters in Çanakkale

The Interior Ministry has issued traffic tickets to 125 individuals who were found to have blocked the road during demonstrations held on March 11 and 12 in Çanakkale province following the death of Gezi protest victim Berkin Elvan, basing the tickets on Law No. 2918, the Highway Traffic Law.

Various demonstrations were held in Çanakkale on March 11 and 12 after Elvan, who had been in an intensive care unit for nine months in a coma after being shot in the head with a tear gas canister by police during the Gezi Park protests in İstanbul, died on March 11. The ministry examined video footage from the Mobile Electronic Systems Integration (MOBESE) cameras and determined that 125 protesters occupied the road and blocked the flow of traffic. The ministry sent traffic tickets that carry a fine of TL 356 to each identified protester.

In reaction, main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) İzmir deputy Alaattin Yüksel submitted a parliamentary question to Interior Minister Efkan Ala on Tuesday, asking how many traffic tickets have been issued so far for those attending public demonstrations.