Minister Margallo’s visit to Azerbaijan aims at strengthening political, economic and trade relations with the two countries

Baku: Anakhanum Idoyatova; Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation José Manuel García-Margallo is due to travel Azerbaijan in order to strengthen political, economic and trade relations with the two countries, says an official statement by the Spanish Foreign Ministry.

The statement says that the EU enlargement to the east, on the one hand, and the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon, on the other, have made the Eastern Partnership and Central Asia increasingly more important cornerstones of EU foreign policy: “Azerbaijan, a key player in terms of the oil and gas pipelines between Central Asia and Europe, is of considerable interest to the Spanish companies operating in the country, especially in the infrastructure sector”.

A business forum will also be held in Azerbaijan to re-establish contacts and relations in this regard, and will be attended by 19 Spanish companies. José Manuel García-Margallo will be on a visit to Azerbaijan on April 23-24.