Minister: Azerbaijan continues measures for early detection of reconnaissance, subversive and terrorist activities

Baku: The efficient arrangement of reconnaissance activities is an important factor in these difficult times. We regularly receive information about threats against our country, reconnaissance and subversive intentions and plans of enemy and rival states and foreign special service bodies.

Minister of National Security Eldar Mahmudov made the remarks at the event dedicated to the 96th anniversary of the establishment of Azerbaijani security agencies, the ministry’s public relations department told APA.

The minister stressed that consistent measures are underway for the early detection of reconnaissance, subversive and terrorist activities against Azerbaijan. As a result of these measures, two persons, who performed specific tasks being involved in confidential cooperation by foreign intelligence agencies, were convicted.

The minister also added that another Azerbaijani citizen tempted into cooperation with Armenian security authorities has collected intelligence data about our country for material interests, and tried to cover it up with his professional activities. Investigation is underway into this fact as well as the criminal cases of another 2 citizens who had ties with Armenia security authorities under the guise of NGO.

Moreover, E. Mahmudov mentioned that 7 citizens who fought battles within the ranks of illegal armed organizations in the Syrian Arab Republic were brought to justice. In order to prevent the illegal trafficking of drugs, 16 persons were arrested over 11 facts by the National Security Ministry of the Nakchivan Autonomous Republic.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency