Metrobus bursts into flames, all passengers evacuated

ISTANBUL: A fire that started in the engine of a Metrobus traveling from Sirinevler to Avcilar in Istanbul on Tuesday evening caused panic among passengers, who were evacuated with no loss of life.

The fire began while the bus was between the Sirinevler and Yenibosna stations. All of the passengers were immediately evacuated from the vehicle and no injuries were reported, although several appeared visibly shaken. Firefighters rushed to the scene and took over firefighting efforts from the bus driver, who was trying to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher stored in the vehicle. Soon after their arrival, the firefighter teams were able to extinguish the blaze. The fire was reportedly caused by a fault in the bus’s engine.

The Metrobus line was backed up due to the fire, and so most passengers got off their buses and walked to their destinations rather than waiting. The fire also affected traffic on the E5 freeway, with curious drivers slowing down to get a better view of the incident.