Message from CHP to MHP

Message from CHP to MHPOne of the most popular questions directed at Ekmeleddin IhsanoIlu, joint presidential candidate of nine parties, has been whether the Republican People’s Party (CHP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP)an offer sufficient support to his election campaign. IhsanoIlu responded to the question by saying that both parties work effectively for his campaign in every province he visits through provincial organizations of those parties.

As for the CHP, its leader Kemal KIlIdaroIlu holds rallies in three or four provinces a day in support of IhsanoIlu. The executives from CHP headquarters and provincial offices as well as CHP deputies are seen standing by IhsanoIlu more than MHP officials are.

Indeed, the MHP did not seem to embrace IhsanoIlu until last week. We saw MHP deputy chairman Meral AkIener and MHP deputies visiting Kocaeli with IhsanoIlu on Saturday.

Parliamentary rumors suggest this didn’t happen for no reason. KIlIdaroIlu is claimed to have sent a message to MHP leader Devlet Baheli asking him to actively support IhsanoIlu.


SOURCE: Today’s Zaman