MES reveals use of fake documents for military service evasion and falsification of diplomas – Minister

Baku: About 329 kg of drugs, including 183 kg of heroin were seized as a result of the actions taken by the Ministry of National Security (MES) last year in order to prevent the illegal trafficking of drugs and their precursors.

Minister of National Security Eldar Mahmudov made a speech at the event dedicated to the 96th anniversary of the establishment of Azerbaijani security agencies, the ministry’s public relations department told APA.

According to the minister, a total of 41 criminal cases were initiated against the illegal trafficking of drugs and their precursors and 84 persons were brought to justice.

It was also noted that as a result of the operations jointly conducted by the MES and the relevant authorities of the Russian Federation, more than 160 kg of drugs were seized from three Russian citizens on two facts.

Moreover, as a result of the search operations jointly carried out by the MES and the State Customs Committee, over 24.5 kg of dried marijuana were seized; one Ukrainian and 9 Azerbaijani citizens were detained.

In other search operations carried out by the ministry , a large number of drugs as well as 2 Makarov pistols, 1 Nagan revolver and a great deal of ammunition were seized from 5 Azerbaijani citizen who had were arrested.

A criminal case was opened against another Azerbaijani citizen who attempted to sell 11kg prohibited mercury to a foreigner.

E. Mahmudov said national security authorities have over the year found out facts of commodity financial transactions through false entrepreneurship, as well as facts of the smuggling of precious stones and jewelry, communication devices that are used in building illegal communication service, other organized crime groups plundering a great amount of funds from customer accounts. 7 criminal cases were launched over these crimes, and 13 people were arrested.

Facts of counterfeit money and securities and the appropriation of funds through documenting them on behalf of different individuals, the use of fake documents for the purpose of evasion from military service, falsification of diplomas, etc. were also discovered. Investigation into 14 criminal cases over all these facts is underway.

Over the past period, under the principles of law compliance, equality before the law, responsibility for fault, justice and humanism, complete, comprehensive or objective investigations into 142 criminal cases against 275 persons overall were carried out. 128 people were arrested.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency