MER – Conspiracies in a parallel universe

Conspiracies in a parallel universe The Justice and Development Party (AKP) government resorts to the same tactic every time it is faced with criticism in the Western media The strategy gained full steam during last yearand#39s Gezi Park protests. The basic premise is simple: there is always a conspiracy orchestrated by nefarious enemies outside the countryand#39s borders.

These external forces who hate our country have domestic connections who are ready to be used in order to create all kinds of problems. Who are these external forces? These day, they go beyond the usual suspects.

In the conspiracy-prone Turkish national psyche, previously the familiar ones were the CIA and the Mossad. These days, in President Recep Tayyip ErdoIanand#39s more creative mind, they go beyond the American and Israeli intelligence agencies.

My favorites are Germany and the interest rate lobby. You never know what Lufthansa is up to.

This German company is very angry and ready to destabilize Turkey because ErdoIan wants to build a new airport in Istanbul.There are a few different stages in the minds of conspiracy theorists.

First, you need to start with victimization. Whatever happens, you are always the victim Victimhood is very convenient because it allows you to escape responsibility and accountability.

As a victim, you are always at the mercy of more powerful forces beyond your control. Another aantage of victimhood is that you can never be the oppressor The beauty of being a victim is that you are always helpless and oppressed.

You create a good versus evil world, and as the good guy facing the villain, you become the favorite character that the audience roots for This is why every time the AKP faces challenges the narrative of victimhood kicks in.The second stage is the focus on the bad guys.

Since you are never guilty, someone else has to be at fault for causing any problems you experience. Once the enemy is identified, there is almost no limit that bounds the imagination of the victim This is where the creativity of the conspiracy theorist takes shape.

The external force that victimizes you has to be very powerful and full of complexities. In fact, the more intricate and powerful the better This way, you reinforce your victimhood and prepare the ground for the next stage where the struggle between David and Goliath happens.

In the third stage, once your victimhood and the strength of the external foe is well established, conditions are ripe for the underdog to stage a comeback. Because you are the victim facing a gigantic and dangerous enemy, there are no ethical or legal rules.

The enemy is so powerful and the threat is so existential that you resort to extraordinary measures. Itand#39s a simple matter of logic: extraordinary circumstances of victimhood call for extraordinary methods in the fight against the enemy.

Since the enemy is dehumanized, the domestic collaborators of the enemy can also be dealt with impunity. Given the extraordinary nature of the circumstances, the fight against the conspiracy has no legal bounds.

Every method, including extra-judiciary methods, is fair game. This third stage usually culminates with the victim resorting to coercive methods and a suspension of all sense of normalcy in the country.

In its most extreme form, the sense of alarm and emergency paves the road to emergency law and the suspension of democracy.Finally, there is a need to fight back against how the external media will evaluate all these dynamics in the country.

Since the external media is often part of the conspiracy, the most convenient way of fighting back is to stick with the narrative of victimhood and innocence. As a result, the media reports coming from American and European newspapers are nothing but disinformation that is part of a public relations operation to hurt our wonderful country.

No wonder the AKP government now tells us that there is a horrible propaganda campaign being perpetrated against Turkey. After all, this is the parallel universe in which the government now resides.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman