Members of crime group headed by Azerbaijani detained in Moscow

Baku: Members of an organized crime group headed by an Azerbaijani were detained in Moscow.

Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service’s Moscow office said that the crime group was engaged in drug dealing.

It was revealed that 37-year old Azerbaijani involved his mother, brother, current and ex wives of his brother in the sale of marijuana.

The detainee bought marijuana from his acquaintance and packaged them in special doses with the assistance of his relatives. Russian and Uzbek citizens were also members of the group. They were mainly dealing with the sale of drugs in the eastern and south-eastern regions of the capital and in the restaurants, where they were working. 3 kg of marijuana was seized from three apartments.

A criminal case was launched against the detainees under relevant article (sale of large amounts of narcotic drugs) of the Russian Criminal Code