Medallion Restaurant: These dishes deserve medals

There are a number of people in Istanbul who have migrated from Sivas but, quite interestingly, the number of restaurants offering their local dishes are only at about a dozen. But a few of them do the job right.brbrMadalyali Restaurant (Medallion Restaurant), located amongst the pine trees on the road to Kayiidaii, offers tastes and an ambiance that I have been looking for for many years. I am actually sad that I had not discovered this place earlier. The place is made of wood and feels authentic, simple and warm. By the time you walk in, the warmth of the stove welcomes you. Sebahattin Yilmaz, owner of the place, is using his expertise in dairy production to his aantage in the restaurant business. He is talented in picking the highest quality ingredients and offering new tastes to customers. He says: “We cannot be like anybody else. There should be a reason for people to drive this far. If we are unable to respond to the labor and efforts of those who choose us, that would be a shame. We have a responsibility in this matter.” He adds that he does not offer anything he does not like to customers.brbrThere are certain principles at work in this restaurant. For instance, you cannot have an extra serving of the Madimak soup, a famous Sivas dish. The restaurant allows one cup per customer. I very much like the soup, but when I asked for another bowl, they said they could not serve it to me. The rule is simple: You can never have seconds of the soup. So I had to try the other dishes. The bulgur rice with green lentils is fantastic. Then I had the award-winning savory pancakes, made by two women. This cannot be compared to pizza. The pancakes have spinach, bologna, mozzarella and potato they are so delicious that they may blow your mind. I would recommend you add yogurt or special sauce to them. Many varieties of pancakes are offered at the restaurant. Of course, once you have the opportunity, you have to try the local Sivas meatballs. I have to say that the Sivas meatball has an excellent taste. The diced meat (oban kavurma) is also a classic. I tried different varieties of yogurt they are delicious too. And so are the local pezik

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman