Maritza, Tundza Rivers overflow

EDIRNE: Excessive rains in Balkan Peninsula and Western Turkey have caused to flows the Maritza and Tundza Rivers.

Maritza and Tundza Rivers in western Turkish city of Edirne overflew which triggered by the heavy has been affecting many parts of Bulgaria and western Turkey since a week.

Waters of Maritsa has invaded totally the roads between Edirne and Bosnaköy thus totally have blocked the transportation between Edirne city centrum and Karagaç Neighborhood after one of the bridge known as Tunca were totally stayed the floodwaters. Many driving cars between Edirne and Karaagan were stuck which were rescued by the municipality workers.

Heavy rains also caused to have many arable land inundated and the one of the richest natural areas between Maritza and Tundza were stayed under water.

Fahri Zurnacı, a resident in Karaagaç neighborhood said that they have been living water invasion arising from the overflows of the rivers and requested to be solved this problem by the authorities.

Business owner in the nearby areas said that their excessive rains triggered the inundation and real problem would begin if Bulgaria opens the water gate of its dams.

Recep Gurkan Edirne Mayor said that it is time to solve this long standing problem. He also noted that there is no any threat on loss of life and property.