Maritsa,Tundza Rivers unite after excessive rainfall in Western Turkey

EDIRNE: Excessive rains in Balkan Peninsula and Western Turkey have caused to unite the Maritza and Tundza Rivers have also created havoc mainly in traffic across the Western Turkish city of Edirne.

Maritsa and Tundza rivers have united after heavy rainfall which has been affecting many parts of Bulgaria and Western Turkey paralyzed daily life in the city center after many villages, historical bridge, field of contest and social facilities were flooded by the waters of the two rivers are still overflowing.

Waters of Maritsa has invaded totally the roads between Edirne and Bosnakoy thus totally have blocked the transportation between Edirne city centrum and Karagac Neighborhood after one of the bridge known as Tunca were totally stayed under the floodwaters. Many driving cars between Edirne and Karaagan were stuck were rescued by the municipality workers to the same today as it was yesterday.

Heavy rains also caused to have many arable land inundated and the one of the richest natural areas between Maritza and Tundza were stayed under water.

Rapid rising of the water level in the two rivers have caused their unification near the between the two historical bridges which was built during the Ottoman era. According to the Edirne governorship that two bridges have totally been closed to the traffic after two entrances of the bridges being flooded by the floodwaters.

A resident said after being carried to other side of the bridge by the help of the digger said that the authorities should have taken protective measures to prevent the overflowing, which affects the Edirne every year. Meanwhile, it has been seen that some women showed reaction against lack of protective measure to prevent the overflow causing havoc across the city every year.