Manisa district education head asks people to vote for AK Party

Mustafa Kanmaz, a district director of national education in the western province of Manisa, asked teachers and parents of students to vote for the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) in the Nov. 1 general election, a Turkish daily reported on Thursday.
According to the SandOzcandu dailyand’s report, Kanmaz sent a text message to parents and teachers in the district of KandOprandubaii on Oct. 27, asking them to vote for the AK Party and urging them to ask their friends and relatives to do the same.
and”By the grace of God and for the future of our country, letand’s all vote again for the AK Party on Nov. 1 to make it come to power alone and letand’s aise our friends and relatives about the issue. May God help us,and” the text message read.
Main opposition Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) Manisa deputy Mazlum Nurlu on Thursday submitted a parliamentary question to be answered by Education Minister Nabi Avci. Nurlu stated that it is and”unacceptableand” for a district director of national education to exercise influence over teachers and parents with a text message in order to have them vote for the AK Party.
In the parliamentary question, Nurlu asked: and”Has the government ordered any governors, mayors or other administrators to ask people to vote for the AK Party? Have you requested that directors of national education put pressure on teachers and parents to have them vote for the AK Party? Do you think it is correct for a government official, Mustafa Kanmaz, KandOprandubaii district director of national education, to ask people to vote for a [particular] political party? Will you prosecute Mustafa Kanmaz, who abused his position for political purposes, and remove him from his post?and”