Man shoots himself after killing ex-girlfriend

A woman in Eskisehir was shot with a hunting rifle by her ex-boyfriend, adding to the growing number of reports on violence against women in Turkey.

Ozcan Ipek, a 60 year-old civil engineer, shot his ex-girlfriend Nuray Yildiz (42), a mother of three, with his own shotgun in the middle of a street, then went home and shot himself in his bathroom.

Ipek, a father of two children who has been living separately from his ex-wife for 10 years, separated from Yildiz two months ago. Media reports say that he went to the neighborhood where Yildiz worked as a hairdresser — Visnelik Mahallesi Ogretmenler Caddesi — and asked Yildiz to step out from the hair salon so he could talk to her. After an argument, he took his shotgun and fired four bullets at her before fleeing the scene in a rental car.

The story of Ipek and Yildiz, who had been together for a year and a half before separating, is yet another example of the issue of domestic violence in Turkey. On Sunday, two women were killed — one by the hand of her husband and the other by her ex-husband — adding to the growing number of domestic violence cases. Yildiz’s death is the 64th of its kind to date in 2014.

Witnesses who saw Yildiz lying on the ground covered with blood immediately called the police. Even though Yildiz was rushed to Eskisehir Osmangazi University Hospital, she did not survive.

The police reportedly went to Ipek’s home and found him covered in blood on his bathroom floor. According to the police, Ipek left a note behind for his relatives. He also left his bank cards, passwords, information about his assets and liabilities and a note to his mother stating: “I did not want to put you in pain. Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me, mother.”

Ipek, who owned a construction company in Eskisehir and who loved hunting, was moved to the morgue at Eskisehir Osmangazi University Hospital for an autopsy. According to media outlets, an investigation into the case is under way.