Man kills wife, two children in western Turkey

A father stabbed to death his wife, son and daughter in a fight in the western province of Aydin on late Saturday.

The incident took place at a hotel room in Efeler district at around 11: 45 p.m. Reportedly, the man named Fatih Yavuz, 30, met his wife Halime Yavuz, 20, at a hotel after they decided to divorce. Children Polatcan Yavuz,1, and Gulfer Yavuz,3, also were at the hotel room as father Yavuz said he missed his children and wanted to see them.

An argument broke out between the couple during the meeting. Fatih Yavuz went mad and stabbed the wife and the children. The man later attempted to stab himself. The man later called the relatives for help. Arriving at the scene, the paramedics reported that the woman and children had already died. Father Yavuz was taken to the Aydin State Hospital. Following an inspection by the public prosecutor, the bodies of the victims were taken to the morgue of the hospital.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.