Man burns to death in fire in İstanbul’s Gaziosmanpasa

Rasit Onay, 65 year-old man, burned to death in fire, which broke out in an apartment’s basement floor in İstanbul’s Gaziozmanpasa on Saturday.

The incident took place in a numbered 9 residence located in 768th Street in Fevzi Cakmak neighborhood at around 0:02 a.m. Reportedly, Onay arrived in his apartment in the evening hours of Friday. Turning on electric heater, Onay later fell asleep. The heater overturned and some pieces of clothes ignited. Noticing the intense smoke, the residents of the apartment called the police, fire fighter and health units.

Arriving at scene, fire fighters and health units entered the house. Health units determined that Onay had died. Crime science investigation crew also held the inspection on scene. After the first intervention, it was determined that Onay was poisoned by the intense smoke and his hands and legs burned in fire partially.

Police launched an investigation to determine the exact reason of fire. The body of Onay was taken to Council of Forensic Medicine (ATK).