Main opposition CHP proposes harsher punishments for sex crimes

In the motion, Seker stressed that everyone under age 18 should be considered a child and that every sexual assault against them should be considered child abuse.

Seker also said that Turkish criminal law is lacking in its punishments for sex crimes and sexual assaults against children. He added that the fact that sentences for those crimes are sometimes reduced is causing the number of sexual assaults committed in Turkey to rise day by day.

“While the number of rape cases against women was 150 in 2012, it increased to 167 in 2013. Again, unfortunately, people are more frequently coming across news of raped and slaughtered children.”

Blaming an increase in sex crimes in recent years on light punishments, Seker said that “another factor that gives rises to the increase of such sexual offenses is the law’s saying that the perpetrator can only be punished if the victim puts in a plea against the perpetrator. The laws in the Turkish Penal Code (TCK) encourage offenders, leave them unpunished and give incentives to those offenders to commit sex crimes. Lighter punishments given to those offenders encourage some people to commit such crimes.”

In his bill, Seker demanded that sex crimes carry a prison sentence of five to 10 years and that sentences for sex offenders should not be able to be reduced by the court.