Loss of consciousness (1)

One of the misunderstandings in the modern perception of the religion that we need to fix is that most of the time, ideologies, political and social systems, and some interpretations of some faiths and lifestyles are actually religions themselves, even if they say otherwise.
In other words, when they are formulating a lifestyle based on a certain teaching and rejecting a certain religion, they actually refer to another religion based on its own approach and tenets. The religions not based on revelation and others which have been distorted are not acceptable by Allah. They fail mankind because they are unable to offer a meaningful explanation for the next life. For this reason, the Quran states, and”This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion.and” (5:3). The best way to see whether or not a religion is genuine and reliable is to test whether it is based on revelation. There are some religions that are based on fictions of human intellect, baseless assumptions and faith. There are religions that attribute holiness to objects and divine powers to animals. Some of these religions have millions of followers. What misleads the members of these religions is that they attribute the miracle in the message associated with the creation of Allah to the animal itself. For instance, the Quran invites people to think about how the camel was created (88:17). This means that the creation of the camel in perfection serves as a proof of Allahand’s excellence, not that the camel itself has divine powers but because the rest of the verse also attracts attention to the creation of the heavens, mountains and the earth. The same mightiness plays a role in the creation of the camel, the bird, fish or a bug. In this case, it is misleading to attribute holiness to camel, bird, fish or bug and worship them.
Human mind tends to sanctify the objects. Likewise, they tend to legitimize personal, group, ethnic or national interests by referring to sacred forms. This tendency is expressed in secular ways as well as in the holy elements of the religion. The ideologies and doctrines expressed in absolute forms make the religious elements secular, and in that case they do harm similar to the harm done by those who exploit the religion in the name of ideologies, doctrines or national interests.
From this perspective, conflicts or clashes between members of different religions or between members of the same religion do not necessarily mean that the real reason cause was religion. If that were the case, millions of people would not have died in two great wars caused by the Europeans who referred to a secular universe in the near past. When he is tempted by his destructive nature, man legitimizes his murders with religious arguments as well as political, military or economic factors. The Quran is the book of the right path and it takes the righteous people to the right path (2:2). A man who is not righteous cannot profit from the Quran. He would kill, steal or oppress, cause destruction or civil war, but in every one of these case, he may find something to justify his action. So, the best way to stop the clashes is to find solutions within the religion. Those who would like to leave politics out of religion should show us how politics is saved from exploitation and manipulations. Those who exploit religion in politics will also exploit ideologies, doctrines, laws and constitutions in a non-religious universe as well.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman