Lions pummel EskiIehir for 4, Canaries scape past OsmanlI

A free kick, a header, a penalty and an unexpected screamer helped Galatasaray make a statement on Thursday evening, as the Lions defeated visiting Eskiiehirspor 4-0 and while Fenerbahce logged a much less impressive 1-0 away win over Osmanlispor.
Fenerbahandce and Galatasaray are still drawn equal on points, but the Lionsand’ prolific offense is sending the message that they will not allow themselves to be outdone by their bitter rival Fenerbahandce, whose lone goal came from Alper Potuk.
and”We were not happy with our results in the first four weeks. We knew that we had built a good team and that we would play better football when the team came together in the following weeks,and” coach Hamza Hamzaoilu said. and”Thankfully, our team came together. Everyone is getting along on the pitch and off. We are moving forward with sure steps,and” he added.
Indeed the cluband’s recent results show they are just beginning to pick up speed, so Super League leader Beiiktai should take care not to trip up. The Lions have made a stronger showing than the Yellow Canaries in recent matches and this weekand’s results are no exception.
h2 Early starth2 The Lions opened scoring early. Mere minutes after the start of the match, Selandcuk inan scored the first goal in the ninth minute, sending a long-range free kick breezing past keeper Ruud Boffinand’s outstretched fingers. Germany forward Lukas Podolski played well but had bad luck He hammered two shots into the post. Another one he sent over the top and his final powerful shot, plucked expertly out of the air, was blocked by Boffin.
Eskiiehirspor was in no mood to let the Lions steamroller them, especially so early in the game. They tightened their defense. Galatasaray winger Olcan Adin powered down the touchline toward the net, but ran into trouble with a right marking defense. He turned and passed it off. Emre andcolak ended up with the ball and curled it across the net to striker Burak Yilmaz who had only to tap it in with his head.
Falling two behind, Eskiiehir let up. Sabri Sarioilu kicked the ball into their box, none of the offense managed to make use of it. In the first halfand’s added time, Congolese midfielder Toko Nzuzi was shown a yellow for a foul on Selandcuk in the box. Burak easily converted it for a third goal.
h2 Not to beh2 Still, visiting Eskiiehirspor came out to recover some dignity in the second half, led by left back Anil Karaer and substitute Emre Gandural. They had a few good plays before Galatasarayand’s defense thought better of letting them into the box. A corner kick flew in front of the net, where first Greece striker Teofanis Gekas failed to knock it in. Anil headed the ball into the bar at the far post and it bounced back to Emre, who shot barely wide.
Anil blew into the corner of the box and received the ball, taking the defense by surprise. That gave him time to center to onrushing Gekas, but the Greek striker failed to net the ball and win some sweet redemption for EsEs.
The team fielded by Hamzaoilu was not his typical starting XI, but that did show. Playing on three fronts, the coach has to rest some of his players.
and”Because all of my players have been ready since the season began, we used this rotation without hesitation,and” the coach said. and”This match was a chance [to play different players] and we thought we would give them that chance,and” he added. Though they played well, he will probably have to shift to his more traditional lineup for upcoming Champions League matches.
The other game between Mersin idman Yurdu and Istanbul Baiakiehir ended on a 1-1 note.