Lions’ four-star dream eventually materializes

When the 2014-15 Spor Toto Super League season kicked off last August, Galatasaray and Fenerbahandce both had 19 championships each.
In Turkish football every five titles count as one star and so the big question was who would win the league this season, clinch an overall 20th championship and earn the fourth star.
Only one team can be champion in a season and that was Galatasaray, popularly called the Lions by passionate fans. And the fact of the matter is that the Lions accomplished this feat in the penultimate week when they beat Beiiktai 2-0 and closest rival Fenerbahandce could only manage a 2-2 draw with Kasimpaia.
The week 34 games over the weekend were therefore a mere formality. Galatasaray draw 1-1 away with Rizespor, Fenerbahandce shut out Kasimpaia 2-0 and Beiiktai defeated Genandclerbirliii 2-1 in Ankara, but since everything had already been settled at the top, the results did not matter at all.
The championship celebrations took place at Tandurk Telekom Arena in Istanbul on Sunday, where the triumphant Galatasaray team was awarded its 20th title and the historic fourth star.
Galatasaray players, coaches, administrators and fans thereafter celebrated in scenes worthy of praise. One of the highlights of the occasion was Dutch star Wesley Benjamin Sneijder taking to the stage and singing and”Fener ailamaand” (Fener donand’t cry). The two teams are considered eternal enemies and the Fener ailama thing is bound to open up an old can of worms.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman