Lions feeling pressure, heading into final two weeks on top

Galatasaray may be a few points ahead of Fenerbahandce, but all the pressure is on the Lions due to the harder matches, including a derby, in the final weeks, as well as a worse head-to-head record.
The current leader faces Beiiktai at home on Sunday in the final big derby of the season. The Lions did manage to defeat the Black Eagles 2-0 away in their first match this season, but times have changed. Beiiktai and Fenerbahandce were both ahead of the Lions in those days, so Galatasaray was furiously playing catch-up after changing its coach.
This time, they are just trying to maintain the status quo the match is not at home and the pressure is on now with the Lions leading the standings and Fenerbahandce by a close margin. It is all a matter of how the Lions react to the situation.
A three-point lead is dangerous. There is the undeniable draw of getting comfortable with only two matches to go. There is also the weight of expectations: If Galatasaray loses the championship now, it has no one to blame but itself for the disappointment.
h2Denied appealsh2 Beiiktai and Galatasaray play on Sunday, while Fenerbahandce plays on Monday, which gives the Canaries a slight aantage. They will already know the result of the big game and exactly what they have to do because of it. Galatasaray and Beiiktai appealed to have Fenerbahandceand’s match moved to the same time, as is typical at this stage in the season, but the request was turned down.
and”Galatasaray and Beiiktai submitted a request to the federation that our match with Baiakiehir be played at the same time as their match,and” Fenerbahandce coach ismail Kartal told Fenerbahandce TV this week. and”We are going to play our match on Monday we will not play any day apart from then. Everyone should be aware of that. I cannot make sense of this request to change such a [scheduling] decision in the final weeks, when the decision has already been made,and” he added.
The Lionsand’ final match is against andcaykur Rizespor, which might seem like an easy tie at first glance, but Rize is a team capable of springing an upset. Near the bottom of the standings until recently, Rize has been in danger of relegation and is elated that it is avoiding the drop after last weekand’s results, which included the cluband’s 3-1 pummeling of Akhisar Belediye Genandclik ve Spor.
The Lionsand’ 2-0 win over Rizespor earlier in the year was at home, and Rize would very much like to go out with a bang in front of its home crowd.
h2Canaryand’s crunchh2 Galatasaray is one full match ahead, with 73 points to Fenerbahandceand’s 70, so the Lions cannot lose the championship unless they mess it up for themselves.
However, if Fenerbahandce and Galatasaray end up with the same points, Fenerbahandce will be declared champion due to its better head to head record. Fenerbahandce defeated the Lions 1-0 at home in March, but when the teams first met this season in October, Galatasaray won 2-1. Fenerbahandce has the upper hand on away goals.
Fenerbahandce is not home and dry, of course, but the Yellow Canaries are lying in wait for Beiiktai to take out all the frustration of losing a longstanding aantage and losing the title to Galatasaray.
The Canariesand’ final games are two mini Istanbul derbies. In its penultimate match on Monday, Fenerbahandce will play Istanbul Baiakiehir, the team most likely to win the final ticket to the UEFA Europa League next season by finishing fourth in the Super League. The last match is against Kasimpaia, another small Istanbul club. Kasimpaia has had trouble this season, however, and is going into week 33 in lowly 11th place and should pose no threat to the Canaries.
Galatasaray is much more threatened by Beiiktai. If the Lions manage to escape this derby unscathed, they may be home and dry, but only if they do not lose their focus.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman