Lions, Canaries lock horns in ‘mother of all derbies’

andquotKaiser Franzandquot has been the nearest thing Germany has to royalty, the World Cup-winning player and coach enjoying a unique status among the countryand’s athletes past and present.
This week however, FIFAand’s ethics committee said it had passed on Franz Beckenbauerand’s case to the organizationand’s ethics judge for a ruling on alleged non-cooperation with investigations into the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.
The case may tarnish the image of a man who has been the symbol of German footballand’s outstanding success and an elegant presence off the field in his later career.
He had the golden touch, captaining West Germany to their 1974 World Cup triumph on home soil and winning again as coach in Italy in 1990. He reached the pinnacle of global football administration as a FIFA Executive Committee member before the clouds began to gather around him.
Beckenbauer is renowned for his ability to let scandals roll off him like water off a duckand’s back — whether it is rowly defined. The definitions of andlsquoterrorismand’ and andlsquosupporting terrorismand’ are still far too broad in Turkish law, leaving scope for the law to be used against media outlets that are critical or oppose government views.and”
Head of the German Journalists Union (DJV) Michael Konken said in a statement to Todayand’s Zaman that and”unfortunately with these developments the Turkish government has added another action of oppression against independent media.and”
Konken stated that the government-led takeover of Koza ipek Holding and”constitutes an obstacleand” in Turkeyand’s EU ambitions.
Reminding that as the DJV, they have warned EU authorities not to progress in talks with Turkey unless fundamental rights and freedom of speech and media are guaranteed, Konken said, and”This country is currently miles and miles away from this.and”
Mogens Blicher Bjerregandaringrd, the president of the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ), said the Turkish authorities andquotshould stop using fake accusations to silence critical media.and”
He said the appointment of a trustee to Koza ipek is and”an unacceptable violation against press freedom.and”
and”Just days before an important general election, the latest attack by the interim Turkish government against media outlets owned by Koza ipek Holding must clearly be considered as a politically motivated attack against critical journalists, free speech, private and independent media,and” he said.
Jo Glanville, the director of English PEN, said: and”This is a direct attack on the independence of the media in Turkey, marking a further dramatic decline for press freedom in the country.
and”In the last few days before the elections, it is critical that the Turkish government allows the media to report freely and without intimidation. Turkey is disregarding its international obligations to respect freedom of expression at a time when the role of the press has never been more important.and”
The UK-based NUJ told Todayand’s Zaman: and”The timing [of the takeover] is of great significance. It will also have a chilling effect on freedom of expression and the right to report and other critical media outlets will also feel threatened.
and”The episode shows a blatant disregard for established principles of free speech, judicial independence and respect for the rule of law and that Turkeyand’s rulers are turning their backs on democracy.
and”It seems that the electoral strategy of the [Justice and Development Party] AK Party is to silence those who oppose them for their own electoral gain and to prevent a proper democratic debate around policies,and” the statement continues.
Ethical Journalism Network (EJN) Director Aidan White told Todayand’s Zaman that and”it is a hallmark of intolerance and lack of respect for media pluralism when a governing party is allowed to seize control of dissident voices in media.
and”Journalists and media who fear they will suffer government interference are often afraid to give voice to critical opinions, particular close to an election,and” he said.
and”This seizure is designed to stifle political criticism and reinforce the dangerous and fearful atmosphere in which media work. It is a scandal that will only do further damage to Turkeyand’s reputation as a country committed to democracy and respect for human rights,and” White added.