Lions, Canaries aim to conquer tiny teams in championship quest

With bitter rivals Galatasaray and Fenerbahandce fighting for the second position behind leader Beiiktai, every match is about who will come out on top, even if the two are not playing each other but teams such as rock bottom Eskiiehirspor and Spor Toto Super League newcomer Osmanlispor.
And after the two teams drew 1-1 in their Istanbul derby on Sunday, they are all the more eager to prove their superiority over each other.
Galatasaray will host Eskiiehirspor on Thursday evening — the weekand’s matches are being played mid-week rather than on the weekends due to the Turkish elections — and it is a match the Lions are expected to win. Eskiiehir does not look very threatening on paper due to the fact that it has lost all but two matches so far this season, logging just one win and one draw to give it four points and a last-place spot.
Galatasaray is playing ball on several fronts and there has been even less of a break than usual. Even on Sunday, the club seemed to be dragging. The Lions should certainly be able to smash struggling Eskiiehir, but they did not look in top shape in KadikandOy on Sunday.
Moreover, Galatasaray is liable to play down to small clubs, something coach Hamza Hamzaoilu must prevent if he wants to keep the club on the championship path. Eskiiehir is backed into a corner and threatened with relegation, which may make it harder to deal with than the Lions think.
h2 Canaries and Lion huntersh2 Fenerbahandce heads out to Ankara to face Osmanlispor, another club that would usually seem like a pushover. However, the league newcomer sprung a huge surprise on Galatasaray to win in week 1, so they have some spunk. On their home pitch they will be pumped up to embarrass the next big club to stop by, which is Fenerbahandce, so the Yellow Canaries should take Osmanli seriously.
That said, the Canaries are all about the attack, with more world-class strikers than they know what to do with and that does not look to change anytime soon, so Osmanli should expect to keep an organized defense if it hopes to upset the Istanbul giant.
Fenerbahandce has more than enough players to deal with the few injuries the club is nursing. The most notable absence will probably be Caner Erkin, an indispensable starter who recently tore his meniscus. Coach Vitor Pereira will have enough talent to fall back on, though.
h2 The unexpectedh2 In any case, he does not seem worried even after losing a 1-0 lead to let Galatasaray draw with his team on Sunday.
and”Despite having so many new players, we played really well against Beiiktai, but we lost. Despite playing so well this evening, we came away with a draw. We are playing really good football,and” he said just days ago, after the Galatasaray derby.
and”I definitely feel it. We are going to be champion at the end of the season. We are playing at a high level. If we secure that performance, we are going to have more wins than draws,and” the Portuguese coach added.
And Osmanlispor has not been quite as good about earning as it was at the beginning, having lost its past three matches. However, the team remains a champion hunter. In its last win in week 6, the tiny club took down Trabzonspor 3-1.
So Mustafa Reiit Akandcayand’s Ankaran side is unpredictable and liable to play up to big teams or pummel clubs 4-0 unexpectedly, as it did Mersin idman Yurdu the week before. Fenerbahandce must be ready for anything to ensure victory and a smooth path toward the league leadership.
Galatasaray-Eskiiehirspor kicks off at 9:45 p.m. on Thursday at Tandurk Telekom Arena in Istanbul. Osmanlispor-Fenerbahandce and Mersin idman Yurdu-Baiakiehir both kick off at 7:00 p.m.
Fenerbahandce Portugal trainer Vitor Pereira faces a more difficult task as his Yellow Canaries face newcomer Osmalispor in the capital.