Life without enemies

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan may be at the zenith of his political career as he campaigns for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), using all the state tools at his disposal, but he is also encountering increasingly insurmountable difficulties. For the first time ever, it appears that the AKP faces the real possibility of a fall from power.
As the June 7 general election draws closer, the AKPand’s real position becomes clearer. Even polling companies that had previously claimed that the AKP would net over 45 percent of the vote are now showing the AKP as getting below 40 percent. Likewise, they show the Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) with some 30 percent, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) within a range of 18-20 percent and the Peoplesand’ Democratic Party (HDP) poised to surpass the 10 percent electoral threshold. The general vista before him has unsettled President Erdogan. It is also clear that he views Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoiluand’s general performance as lacking, which is why he has taken over the reins of election campaigning. And as he does so, Turkey is witnessing for the first time in its history such utter disregard for the constitutional obligation of presidential objectivity.
Even Kenan Evren, the leader of the Sept. 12 coup, was not so fearless when it came to drumming up support for his Nationalist Democracy Party (MDP). Speaking at rallies, on TV programs and at various and”opening ceremonies,and” Erdogan openly targets opposition parties while heaping praise on the ruling party. As for his response to criticism about his lack of neutrality, Erdoganand’s answers verge on mockery he notes that he doesnand’t say the name of the party he is aocating, just that he wants people to vote for the party that will and”bring in the presidential system.and”
Erdogan also defends his stance by saying things along the lines of and”but I promised before that I would be a different sort of president.and” Clearly, what he meant by and”differentand” was that he would carry on behaving as the leader of the AKP, trampling on the same Constitution that he is meant to be protecting. The real truth, of course, is that there is nothing Erdogan wonand’t trample on when it comes to boosting his own political interests. If Turkey was facing a situation in which the AKP could win with a comfortable margin, there is little doubt that President Erdogan would behave differently, embracing neutrality with more fervor. At this point, there is little the AKP and Erdogan are promising voters that is awakening any curiosity, interest or enthusiasm. While opposition parties describe their various life-improving projects to citizens, the AKP persists with its election strategy of blaming and denigrating the opposition. Their efforts are also focused on creating and keeping alive the image of a struggle with and”domestic and international enemies.and” As it becomes clear that the and”parallel structureand” allegations are essentially baseless, the government has now turned its focus to the opposition media and the Dogan Media Group in particular. And itand’s not that the Dogan Media Group has really even embraced a particularly notable oppositional stance itand’s just that the AKP wants to show people itand’s fighting an and”enemy.and” It wants to be seen as the party that fights enemies. At this stage, were the AKP to promise people more democracy or more freedom, it wouldnand’t be very believable. If it were to talk about the and”peace processand” with the Kurdish people, it wouldnand’t be able to talk about what sort of solutions it has imagined. If the topic of membership of the EU came up, it would be simply comedic. Of course, if the AKP were to tell people, and”Weand’re going to review our failed foreign policy we are so sorry, but it appears weand’ve damaged Turkeyand’s image and reputation,and” it would be truly something, but itand’s never going to say that. Likewise, if the AKP gave up on its and”parallel stateand” assertions, it would have to explain the many accusations of corruption, thievery, bribery and so on that it faces. So, in the end, the ruling partyand’s only real chance now lies with embracing the image of being a party fighting off enemies, at home and abroad. So, what would happen if people in Turkey shouted out a collective and”Enough! We want a life without enemies now!and” This is a possibility that strikes fear in the hearts of the AKP and Erdogan.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman