Life sentence sought for shopkeeper in murder of journalist over errant snowball

An indictment seeks life sentence for a shopkeeper who is accused of having killed a journalist after the window of his shop was hit by an errant snowball in February.
The indictment, prepared by the Anadolu Chief Public Prosecutorandrsquos Office, charges shopkeeper Serkan Azizoilu of premeditated murder and demands the court to sentence him to life-time imprisonment over the killing of journalisr Nuh KandOklandu.
According to Turkish news agencies, KandOklandu and 10 friends were having a snowball fight in the Yeldeiirmeni neighborhood of KadikandOy at around 8:30 p.m. on Feb. 17 while returning home from an event against a security bill proposed in Parliament. During the playful fight, one snowball hit the window of a nearby herb shop. The owner of the shop, Azizoilu, left the store and threatened the group with a stick. Some members of the group seized his stick and he returned waving a knife.
The shop owner cornered one of KandOklanduand’s friends and the journalist attempted to help him, but he fell on the ground and Azizoilu. then allegedly stabbed him in the chest.
KandOklandu was immediately taken to Haydarpaia Numune Education and Research Hospital. Although his heart had stopped beating in the ambulance, doctors were able to initially resuscitate him. But his heart stopped again and he could not be revived at the hospital.
An Istanbul court arrested Azizoilu soon after the incident. During his court testimony, Azizoilu had said about 20 people were throwing snowballs at each other and he warned them that his shop windows are very expensive. and”Two or three minutes after I warned them, they started to throw snowballs at my shop windows. I thought they were doing this deliberately, so I came out of the shop and yelled at them. Then one of them came and attacked me.and” Azizoilu admitted to the stabbing, saying he was angered by the attack and went back to his shop to get a knife and attacked those who threw snowballs.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman