Let’s engage in politics and ask questions

Let’s engage in politics and ask questionsIf we do not want to experience such a huge disaster again, right now it is time for us to: participate in politics, raise our voices, take a stand, become extra curious, adopt a critical stance, remind those governing the country of their responsibilities, not accept, not give consent, make a scene, object and question. Above all, it is time for us to ask questions. So, let’s ask why no officials, including those in the lowest positions, are even thinking about resigning, while in another country [South Korea] a prime minister resigned over a ferry accident [that claimed over 200 lives] without saying: “Why should I resign? Was I the captain of the ferry?” Let’s ask why nobody has asked those who two weeks ago turned down a request for a parliamentary inquiry on mine accidents, “Are you happy now?” Let’s ask why the fact that the minister of energy visited the Soma mine nine months ago and praised the company is not being debated now.(AHMET HAKAN, HuRRIYET)

SOURCE: Today Zaman