Lebanon warns of increasing threat imposed by refugees issue

BEYRUT (CIHAN)- Lebanese Social Affairs Minister Rachid Derbas stressed Friday that the Syrian refugees’ issue is an Arab plight, stressing that the Lebanese should be aware of the threat that this issue represents.
In an interview with NBN TV, Derbas said that the “randomly displacement of the Syrians make this issue a hard one to control as the Lebanese authorities do not have a complete control on the issue.”
He said “there is no way we can control the displacement in Lebanon unless the refugees are given a more humanitarian shelter and at the same time be under strict control on the border regions. ”
He explained that the government tried to convince “the international organizations of erecting camps in the border regions with Syria in the Bekaa and the north, but they have always refused under the pretext of security and these regions are under continuous danger.”
He stressed that Lebanon refuses the application of a no-fly zone over Syria “but the United Nations should protect these areas and Lebanon does not find any reason why these areas should not be under control and secured.”
He pointed to the Al Zaatari camp in Jordan for the Syrian refugees “which is under very strict security control.”
Derbas expressed concern that the international community “has turned Lebanon into a container for the Syrian refugees who feel safe and secured among us,”, but stressed that the “Lebanese should be aware of the great danger that this issue represents on their future.”
According to the latest UN report on the Syrian refugees, Lebanon hosts more than one million refugees. (CihanXinhua)