Leader of the Dutch party: “I’m seriously concerned with events in Turkey”

Leader of the Dutch opposition party: “I’m seriously concerned with events in Turkey”

Leader of one of the opposition parties in Holland, the President of 50Plus Henk Krol criticized recent pressures which tend to increase conducting by Turkish government. Continuing assessments on the increasing pressures, Krol stated that Where ever you look in the world, if basic human rights are being oppressed they need to stand against It.

Addressing a reporter from Cihan News, Henk Krol said that it wouldn’t be righteous to remain silent while the freedom of the press is underfoot and if private opposition banks are being invaded. Krol stood against government’s political intervention to Bank Asya.

“Turkish people need to stand against this kind of oppression. Turkey used to be a prime example to the region with its democracy, but now it turned to the opposite direction. I am seriously concerned with events in Turkey.” said Krol.


According to Krol, West used to look at Turkish economy with envy, but it is very difficult to share the same view when it comes to human rights.

“It is very difficult not to be worried when it comes to human rights violation.” said Krol.

As a very experienced politician, Krol reminded that from 1 January 2016 Holland will assume Presidency of the EU for 12th time. As such it’s their responsibility to remind Turkey of its responsibilities.

Leader of the 50Plus party Henk Krol was a journalist before he became MP. In 2010 he established a party that speaks for people above the age of 50.