Lawyer for radical Islamist group leader ’Carlos the Jackal’ appointed as Ipek Koza trustee

A Turkish lawyer who represented Venezuelan convict Ilich Ramirez Sanchez and the leader of a Turkish radical Islamist group is among the members of a trustee board appointed to take over the management of the ipek Koza Holding companies and media outlets, it emerged on Tuesday.
Lawyer Hasan andOlandcer was appointed to oversee the management of three companies of the Koza ipek Holding, operating in the food, construction and press industry sectors, according to a report on the Handurriyet newspaperand’s website. The trustee board will take over the administration of a total of 22 companies, including four media outlets that are known for their critical view of the government and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
andOlandcer told Handurriyet that he learned of his appointment late on Monday and that he and other members of the board had been appointed at the recommendation of a prosecutor who asked the 5th Ankara Criminal Court of Peace for the takeover of the Koza ipek Holdingand’s administration.
andOlandcer, who said he had been given a and”delicateand” job, declined to comment when asked if the trustee board will sack the current managers of the Koza ipek companies.
He also said he did not know anything about news reports that the members of the trustee board will be paid TL 10,000 (about $3,500) in salary. and”I donand’t know about that. This is up to the court to decide,and” he said. andOlandcer represented Salih Mirzabeyoilu, the leader of the militant Islamic Great East Raiders Front (iBDA-C) group, as well as the Venezuelan criminal known as Carlos the Jackal, who is currently serving a life sentence in France for the 1975 murder of an informant for the French government and two French counter-intelligence agents.
Mirzabeyoilu was sentenced to life in jail on charges of and”attempting to forcefully change the constitutional orderand” but was released in 2014 after serving 16 years following a retrial.
In a 2011 speech in Istanbul in defense of Carlos the Jackal, andOlandcer described him as a and”symbol of the honorable struggle against imperialism and Zionism.and” He and other lawyers say the Venezuelan convict is subject to maltreatment in the French prison he is in.