Kremlin says Russia set to take step to protect itself

Russia accused NATO on Wednesday of encroaching on its borders and seeking to change the strategic balance of power, forcing Moscow to take steps to protect its interests and security.
The comments by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov came a day after Russia and the West accused one another of endangering global security, adding to tensions over the conflict in Ukraine, in which pro-Russian separatists have seized land in the east after Moscow annexed Crimea from Kiev in early 2014. and”Itand’s not Russia thatand’s approaching someoneand’s borders. Itand’s NATOand’s military infrastructure that is approaching the borders of Russia,and” Peskov told reporters. and”All this … forces Russia to take measures to safeguard its own interests, its own security.and” Peskov said the West had increasingly resorted to and”unconstructive and confrontationaland” Cold War-style rhetoric and that Russia had never wanted strife. President Vladimir Putinand’s top foreign policy aiser also said on Wednesday that Russia would not be dragged into an arms race with the West as this would hurt the economy.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman