Kimse Yok Mu volunteers deliver aid amid heavy snow

As winter began to affect Turkey’s eastern parts of the country, international chairt organization Kimse Yok Mu continues to help needy people.

Volunteers from the organization delivered aid boxes to an economically disadvantaged family despite harsh weather conditions in Hakkari province on Friday. Reaching out the house overcoming 1 meter depth snow, the volunteers gave the packages to Bor family they determined beforehand. Kimse Yok Mu volunteers looked into the house and determined the house in miserable condition.

Father Ramazan Bor stated that they are grateful for Kimse Yok Mu for their help as they have health and financial problems and he has no job.

Around 120 families have been provided help in the last four months by the Kimse Yok Mu in the city thanks to donation of helpful people across the country.