Kimaiyo fails to show up at MPs sitting

A parliamentary committee Tuesday failed to discuss misuse of guns by police officers. The sitting was postponed because the Inspector-General of Police, Mr David Kimaiyo, was absent.

It was the second time Mr Kimaiyo had failed to meet the Administration and National Security Committee.

In the first session on October 2, Mr Kimaiyo was in Uganda while on Tuesday, he was attending another meeting at Harambee House.

During the earlier meeting, the National Police Service Commission chairman, Mr Johnston Kavuludi, said high-handedness was causing junior officers to turn guns against their bosses.

High stress levels were leading them to suicide and killing civilians, said Mr Kavuludi, adding that counselling of officers would be introduced.

The MPs also blamed police officers, especially those assigned to them as bodyguards for being unprofessional.

Among other issues, Mr Kimaiyo is expected to shed light on an incident in Makueni County in which officers engaged in a shootout during a formal county meeting, resulting in five people being injured.


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