KIlIdaroIlu decries seizure of Ipek Media Group as blocking of news sources

Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kiliandcdaroilu has condemned the government-backed takeover of the ipek Media Group, saying that people are now being deprived of news.
and”Our channels for information are blocked. Journalists are threatened with death. Turkey does not deserve thisandhellip The property of a person should not be usurped with a text written by a prosecutor,and” said Kiliandcdaroilu at a rally in Ankara on Thursday.
In the latest example of government-backed moves to crack down on the critical media, the Ankara 5th Criminal Court of Peace ruled on Monday for the appointment of several trustees to administer Koza ipek Holdingand’s companies. The police first raided the holdingand’s headquarters on Tuesday and then the headquarters of the ipek Media Group, which is owned by the holding, on Wednesday.
Police officers forcibly entered the building housing Bugandun TV and Kanaltandurk, the media groupand’s two flagship stations that have long been a main platform for opposition politicians, and took them off the air in what many commentators believe is a move designed to ensure that pro-Justice and Development Party (AK Party) trustees appointed to run the channels can control what is broadcast.
Nationalist Movement Party (MHP)hairman Devlet Bahandceli has called on interim Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoilu to withdraw the police from the premises of the ipek Media Group, as well as the trustees who took over management.
Speaking during a live interview on Wednesday night, Bahandceli said the governmentand’s and”shameless move to destroyandquot Koza ipek Holding, which owns 22 companies and produces added tax value, to raid a building with an enormous police force a few days before a general election and harass members of the press is andquotunacceptable.and”
and”If Mr. Prime Minister is organizing this with the presidential palace, he should intervene. andhellip He should intervene in the issue, withdraw the police force and dismiss the trustees,and” Bahandceli continued.
Bahandceli called for a swift resolution to the issue, warning that such incidents further sow the seed of hate currently prevailing in Turkish society and affect the countryand’s ability to live together harmoniously.
h2 andlsquoovand’t in preparation to expand seizures to other groupsand’h2 Commenting on the government-backed seizure of Koza ipek Holding, CHP Mersin deputy Fikri Sailar has said that the interim AK Party government is formulating plans to take over other media groups and businesses that do not share similar views with the government.
and”For that reason, [President] Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who aims [include the] collapse of [the] economy, [the] destruction of liberties, [suspension of] democracy and [the] closure of Parliament, must suffer a heavy defeat at the Nov. 1 election,and” said Sailar during CHPand’s celebration of the 92nd anniversary of the foundation of the Turkish Republic on Thursday.
On Tuesday, AK Party Ankara deputy Aydin andunal, who is also Erdoganand’s former top aiser and speechwriter, publicly declared that the government would go after other media groups such as SandOzcandu, Handurriyet, Cumhuriyet and Zaman after the election.
Speaking on the pro-government A Haber TV channel on Tuesday, andunal vowed to deal with other critical media groups after the election. and”Weand’ll definitely call them to account after Nov. 1. Dailies like SandOzcandu have been insulting us every day. If you say something, it is touted as interference in the press. We are not in a very comfortable environment but all of them will be brought to account after Nov. 1,and” he said.
h2 Presumption of innocence violatedh2 In remarks to Samanyolu Haber TV Channel on Thursday, Republican Peopleand’s Party (CHP) Deputy Chairmen Levent GandOk argued that the presumption of innocence was violated when government-appointed trustees illegally took over Koza ipek Holding on the suspicion of financing terrorism.
According to GandOk, Turkeyand’s current situation resembles the Ottoman era, when the statements of monarchs and dictators were considered law.
and”The state should protect private property. But yesterday, whole assets [of Akin ipek] were seized. This is a sheer despotic act. Property rights, enshrined in the Constitution [as one of the basic rights] were trampled on,and” said GandOk.
Stating that Koza ipek Holdingand’s seizure by the government is a deeply saddening incident, GandOk argued that Turkey is going backwards in terms of democracy and human rights on the 92nd anniversary of the foundation of the Turkish Republic.
The takeover of the holding was based on the opinion of tax experts who found no fault in the holdingand’s account books. The prosecutor argued in his notice that it is suspicious for a large holding company to have such clean accounting practices given that it is almost impossible to achieve such a thing in Turkey.
h2 CHP deputy vows legal action against police violenceh2 CHP deputy Mahmut Tanal, who was with journalists from the ipek Media Group on Wednesday, said he was beaten by the police during the raid and vowed to take legal action.
and”I am in hospital now as a result of punches from the police,and” Tanal tweeted after the raid. Later in the day, after police had cut the satellite feed from the media groupand’s broadcasts, leaving it to broadcast online from its control room, he joined a live television program by mobile phone. He said his arm was injured, vowing to take legal action against the police officers that attacked him. He also received a medical report on his injury.
Tanal was at the building housing Bugandun TV and Kanaltandurk for much of the day on Wednesday to show solidarity with the journalists there as police forcibly entered the building and took the channels off the air.
Earlier in the day, Tanal tried to negotiate with the police officers, but riot police proceeded to enter the building, in which at least five media outlets have traditionally operated. CHP deputies Barii Yarkadai and Eren Erdem also participated in the protest. Tanal and Erdem were hit and kicked by the police as were other protesters, Tanal told the media.