Kemer’s Norwegian, Russian residents up in arms over faulty sewage treatment

A group of residents in Turkeyand’s Mediterranean resort district of Kemer have taken to the streets to protest poor sewage treatment at a nearby facility whose stench is filling their houses.
The residents, including Norwegians, Russians and Turks, blocked a street in Kemerand’s Merkez neighborhood, holding up a placard in Norwegian protesting the bad smell. The residents say the sewage treatment facility, operated by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, has been polluting a creek near their neighborhood.
They say they have been suffering from this problem for years now as complaints to the authorities have fallen to deaf ears.
and”I have been living here since 2000. The authorities have stalled us for years,and” Kemal Usta, a retired Turkish teacher who was among the group of protesters, was quoted as saying by the private Dogan news agency. He said the residents were complaining both about the bad smell and the likely medical side effects of the poisonous gases unleashed into the air from the facility.
and”It is said that these gases are bad for allergies. I have asthma and I cannot breathe,and” he told Dogan. and”Our foreign neighbors keep asking us when it will be fixed.and”
and”Every morning and every evening, there is a disgusting smell. It fills our homes the moment we open our windows and we know it hazardous,and” said Karl Otto Andersen, a Norwegian resident. and”Our children are coming here to visit. Perhaps they will no longer come because of this. This is not good for Kemer.and”
The protest prompted the municipality officials to visit the area to discuss the issue with the residents. Osman Yildiz, the deputy director of the Antalya Water and Wastewater Management Directorate, said Antalya Mayor Menderes Tandurel has clear instructions to bring the standards at the sewage treatment facility into line with international ones. He promised that the facility will go through improvements in 2016, noting that a tender process to that effect is under way.
Antalya, a popular resort on Turkeyand’s Mediterranean coast, draws millions of foreign visitors every year. The number of foreigners visiting Antalya was more than 11 million from January to October in 2014, according to official data.
Kemer, known for its nature, turquoise coasts and all-inclusive resort hotels, is one of the top holiday areas in Antalya. It also has a small community of nearly 6,000 foreigners who are occasional residents in the area. The total number of foreign residents in Antalya is reportedly about 100,000.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman