Kemaleddin Heydarov: In Azerbaijan there are 263 buildings with flammable cladding materials – UPDATED

Baku: More than 150 firefighters and 40 vehicles were deployed to the scene to extinguish the fire that broke out in a multi-storey building in Baku on May 19, Minister of Emergency Situations, Colonel General Kemaleddin Heydarov said Wednesday at the first meeting of the State Commission, created to investigate the causes of the fire outbreak.

The minister said a call on the fire was received at 10:50 local time and the fire was extinguished in 16:27 local time.

“During the rescue operation, 27 people were evacuated, 37 rescued and 14 corps taken from the scene. Unfortunately, one of the injured died in the hospital,” he added.

K. Heydarov told the head of state that a series of investigations was launched under the instructions given to him after the fire accident in Khatai district.

“After the instructions you gave me, we inspected all buildings covered with this paneling material. We have set a 24-hour shift in parts of the city. The Special Risk Rescue Squad, Civil Protection Troops, Fire Control Service as well as groups of firefighters are currently controlling 150 buildings. In the country there are 263 buildings with flammable cladding materials. We may deploy fire engines to those areas to ensure control there until these materials facing the 263 buildings are dismantled,” he noted.

Heydarov also said that the plant in charge of the production of these materials was received conclusion from the MES’ State Fire Control Service and its laboratory: “They submitted certificates to the MES.”

“However, according to the conclusion received by the relevant bodies, this material is difficult to burn. Because the samples that we were submitted had some additives. Besides, that production was the same in substance with the products specified in all certificates as well as the certificates from Russia and Turkey.

Unfortunately, during the post-production of this product, no fire resistant additive was added.

Client companies, Executive Powers were appealed several times. Indicating specific addresses, they were warned to deal with these issues without expertise and appealing to the MES”, said the Minister.