Kazakhstan to construct new ferry on Caspian Sea

Kazakh National Maritime Shipping Company Kazmortransflot sold the feasibility study of a ferry complex construction project in Kuryk settlement on the Caspian Sea the Railway of Kazakhstan.

Railway of Kazakhstan intends to proceed with the construction of the ferry complex in Kuryk village (Mangistau region) on the basis of the feasibility study in order to significantly increase the transportation of goods to other ferry complexes in the ports of Russia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Iran.

Currently, the ferry transportations are implemented from the port of Aktau, but the facilities of the ferry port complex have exhausted the potential for further expansion and growth, the report said.

The need to build a new modern ferry complex is due to the expected increase in traffic in connection with the increased transit potential of Kazakhstan and the upcoming shortage of ferry transshipment facilities in the region.

Kuryk village is located on the Bekovich-Cherkassky bay, which is the most convenient place for the construction of the ferry complex taking into account the existing depths and lack of ice cover in the autumn-winter period.

“Construction of the ferry complex for sending ferries is necessary in order to complete the circuit of railways and roads, coming from Europe to China and the Far East via the Caucasus and Central Asia,” said the message.

In addition to transit goods, ferries may transport additional volumes arising from the development of domestic oil and gas fields, in particular, significant volumes of liquefied natural gas and sulfur.

The feasibility study of the ferry complex was designed by KazNIPImunaigas JSC by request of the Kazmortransflot (KMTF) Company.

KMTF started its activity in 2001 as a domestic maritime carrier of all kinds of goods, gradually increasing its presence on the sea transportation market, primarily due to the construction of its own new merchant ships.

The company has designed and built a new class of tankers with the capacity of 12,000 metric tons especially for the transportation of Kazakh oil between the ports of the Caspian Sea taking into account the existing depth in the port areas of the Caspian countries.