Jurists decry gov’t takeover of Koza Ipek as arbitrary, unlawful

A reporter from the Millet daily, which is among those critical media outlets that were targeted on Wednesday by a harsh police raid as part of a government-led media crackdown, has shared his yellow press card covered in blood via social media. The reporter, Mustafa Kiliandc, was injured while resisting police who entered his office during the police raids on a number of critical media outlets including Kanaltandurk and Bugandun TV channels, and Bugandun and Millet newspapers early on Wednesday. He shared a photo that shows his bloodied hands along with his blood-splattered press card via his Twitter account on Wednesday morning. Turkish riot police stormed the headquarters of ipek Media Group in Istanbul shortly after dawn on Wednesday. During the raids, Turkish police broke through gates and stormed the headquarters of ipek Media Group located in the MecidiyekandOy neighborhood of Istanbul amid brawls. Several reporters were injured as they were handcuffed from behind by riot police.