Journalist Nedim Sener admits mistake against Yılmazer in his book

Former Trabzon intelligence chief Engin Dinc on Feb. 17, 2006 sent an intelligence report regarding an assassination plot on Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink to the İstanbul Police Department’s intelligence unit on Feb. 17, 2006. However, Yılmazer was overseas on duty during the period when this report reached the İstanbul unit.

A copy of the same report, called the F-4 Intelligence Report, was also sent to the National Police Department’s intelligence unit. The report clearly warned that Yasin Hayal, one of the key suspects in the 2007 Dink murder case, was preparing to assassinate Dink. The report was prepared based on the revelations of Erhan Tuncel, who worked as an informant for the Trabzon Police Department. Tuncel is also a key suspect in the ongoing trial into Dink’s murder.

In his book “Kırmızı Cuma” (Red Friday), Sener attributed a statement made by Bulent Demirel, who was in charge while Yılmazer was abroad, to Yılmazer.

Yılmazer had said in May during his testimony to prosecutor Gokalp Kokcu, who is overseeing the ongoing investigation into Dink’s murder: “Nedim Sener published a statement made by my deputy in his book instead of me, thus creating the impression that I had seen the [the F-4 Intelligence] report and put my signature on it.”

Pointing to the mistake in Sener’s book, Yılmazer’s son warned Sener about the mistake via his father’s Twitter account on Saturday. The tweets were posted by his son because Yılmazer cannot access the account from prison, where he has been held since May as part of the investigation into Dink’s murder.

Yılmazer’s son tweeted: “The perception was created that my father had seen the F-4 report, even though he did not because he was on a business trip. The investigation was built upon this perception.”

After the tweets were posted, Sener admitted he was at fault by wrongly attributing Demirel’s statements to Yılmazer in his book.

Addressing Yılmazer in his tweets on Saturday, Sener wrote: “@AliFuatYilmazer Thank you. I wrote that the statements given by Bulent Demirel to inspectors belonged to Yılmazer in my ‘Kırmızı Cuma’ book due to a mistake that was completely my fault. I will fix this mistake in the upcoming edition. Thank you for the warning.”

Touching on the issue, veteran journalist and columnist Nazlı Ilıcak referred to Sener’s book in her Dec. 5 column, stating: “The fact that a person who calls himself an expert on the Dink murder made such a big mistake in his book and the fact that he has still not fixed this mistake is very interesting!”