Journalist KabaI tried for critical tweet acquitted of keeping police waiting

Journalist and television presenter Sedef Kabai — who was detained and later released in December of last year because she posted tweets critical of the governmentand’s handling of a major corruption investigation — has been acquitted in a case where she was charged with keeping police officers waiting in front of her house when they came to conduct a search related to the December case.
Kabai was detained and later released on Dec. 30, 2014, for posting tweets critical of the governmentand’s handling of a major corruption investigation. Police officers searched her home and seized her computer in the andcekmekandOy district of Istanbul early on the morning of that day after a prosecutorand’s complaint.
An indictment prepared by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutorand’s Office against Kabai despite the police officers who carried out the search not filing a complaint against the journalist sought up to five years, four months in prison for her, ostensibly because she had kept police officers waiting when they had arrived to search her home. Kabai faced charges of and”making insultsand” and and”preventing officers from doing their duty.and”
The indictment stated that Kabai said, and”You are not objective, you are partial,and” while addressing the police officers who had come to her house. The indictment also stated that Kabai shut her door in the police officersand’ faces.
The Istanbul 26th Criminal Court of First Instance ruled to acquit Kabai in the first hearing of the case, saying the acts of resisting police officers and insulting public officers did not take place.
Police officers ismail ilker C., Mustafa Metin andu. and Cenk B., who were present in the courtroom on Tuesday, reported what happened on the morning of the detention, saying Kabai asked who they were and closed the door, saying she wanted to speak with her lawyer. After 15 to 20 minutes, Kabai let them in, the officers said, and added that they didnand’t file a complaint against Kabai. In her defense Kabai denied resisting the police and said after speaking with her lawyer she let the police officers in and helped them to conduct the search.
Speaking to journalists in front of Istanbul Courthouse after the hearing, Kabai said as there was no crime and the police officers didnand’t file a complaint, the case resulted in an acquittal.
and”I just said andlsquodonand’t forget the chief prosecutor Hadi Salihoilu who closed the case of the Dec. 17 corruption investigation.and’ It was not a criticism against him. It was a criticism against his decision. We wonand’t forget the ones who stole and carried out graft and we wonand’t allow them to be forgotten,and” Kabai said.
Kabai faces up to five years in prison for her statements on Twitter on charges of targeting individuals involved in the fight against terrorism. The case launched against her for her critical tweet — which said not to forget the prosecutor who dismissed the Dec.17 investigation — seeks up to five years, four months in prison for the journalist. On April 30, the Istanbul 22nd Criminal Court of First Instance cited its lack of jurisdiction to hear her trial and sent the case file to be heard by a high criminal court.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman