Journalist Ilicak harshly criticizes seizure of İpek media

Bugun Daily columnist and veteran journalist Nazli Ilicak expressed her reaction to decision to appointment of a trustee to replace the existing boards of directors of Koza İpek holding, which owns media outlets that are critical of the government, and companies that belong to it.

Visiting İpek Media Group headquarters in İstanbul to show solidarity, Ilicak stated that “These days will pass beyond. Every cloud has a silver lining. However, the oppressors will not get away with these tyrannies,” said Ilicak. She congratulated Akin İpek, Koza İpek Holding CEO, who didn’t give in to the pressures from the government and let different voices to speak up in the media outlets of the group.

Ilicak also called on journalists, business circles and people to show their support in solidarity with İpek-Koza group because she believes it is time to show that they are not afraid of government pressures and all dissident voices must also not afraid of.