Journalist Baransu highlights lack of legal grounds for arrest in letter

Pro-government Star daily columnist Cem Kanduandcanduk told media mogul Aydin Dogan, and”From now on, we will manage you,and” while ordering him to fire certain journalists on a TV program on Nov. 4.
Aydin Dogan, the owner of the Dogan Media Group, which is critical of the government, was threatened by Kanduandcanduk on a live TV program, saying that if he does not fire the journalists Nazli Ilicak, Eyandup Can and Bandulent Mumay then he will have to and”bear the consequences.and”
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Cem Kanduandcandukand’s remarks came after the Nov. 1 parliamentary election in which the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) managed to secure enough seats in Parliament to from a single-party government. During the program, Kanduandcanduk threatened the Dogan Media Group as well as the Zaman and Samanyolu media groups, claiming that their management will soon be overtaken by trustees in a similar operation to the one that was carried out on the ipek Media Group. ipek media, which used to be critical of the government, was seized in a government-led operation in late October whereupon its board was taken over by trustees.
and”If you are saying you will fight against all illegal structures and parallel organizations, then you will fire Eyandup Can andhellip You are no longer the boss, Aydin Dogan,and” Kanduandcanduk said.
He then said: and”Have you not fired them? Then letand’s continue this struggle and fight no matter where it may go. We are ready for anything.and”


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