Japanese team arrives to repair broken bridge

A crew from Japan arrived in Turkey this week to detach a cable that had snapped in March on the Gulf of izmit Bridge, according to news outlets.

Japanese engineer Kishi Ryoich, who worked on the bridge, committed suicide after hearing the news of the snapped cable. His body was found at the entrance to a cemetery in Altinova, a district of Yalova province. Ryoichi reportedly left a note saying he felt responsible for the accident.

The snapped cable had resulted in delays in the construction of the bridge, which is being built over the Gulf of izmit.

The suspension bridge is expected to be completed in 2017 at a cost of $1 billion and is part of a highway project that is expected to significantly reduce travel time between Istanbul and the Aegean city of izmir, while the bridge itself — being built between Gebze and the province of Yalova — will drastically reduce travel time around the Gulf of izmit.

The highway begins in the town of Gebze and passes through Hersek in Yalova province. It will then proceed from Bursa to the northwestern province of Balikesir and end in izmir. The highway will be 420 kilometers long when completed and the suspension bridge over the Gulf of izmit is 3,000 meters in length.