Istanbul deputy police chief arrested for murder of motorcyclist

Istanbul Deputy Police Chief Celal Yilmaz was arrested on Thursday for shooting and killing a motorcyclist after a traffic dispute.
Yilmaz shot to death motorcyclist Ahmet Sandulanduioilu in Istanbuland’s Halkali district after an argument as he was driving home on Aug. 16. He was caught on CCTV footage arguing with the motorcyclist before pulling out his gun and shooting him. After the incident Yilmaz called the police emergency hotline and turned himself in.
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Yilmaz was detained pending trial. However, the police chief filed a complaint with a higher court, objecting to the courtand’s decision and saying that his action was legitimate self-defense. The court then decided that Yilmaz should be released.
The deputy police chief, whose jurisdiction included the cityand’s Banduyandukandcekmece, Beylikdanduzandu, andcatalca and Silivri districts, said the victim had pulled out a gun before he shot him. According to Yilmazand’s testimony, Sandulanduioilu stopped Yilmazand’s car and the two continued arguing. Sandulanduioilu then allegedly pulled a gun on Yilmaz while the deputy police chief was parking his car.
In the first hearing of the trial, to which press members were denied entry, the BakirkandOy 2nd High Criminal Court ruled to send Yilmaz to jail pending trial. The police chief faces up to 18 years in prison for murder.


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