Israel’s bloody Gaza campaign protested in Athens

KUDuS (CIHAN)- Israel’s Gaza offensive, which claimed more than 700 lives, was protested in Greek capital city of Athens.

Carrying placards and chanting slogans thousands of people gathered in Athens’s famous Sintagma Square and protested Israel’s bloody campaign in Gaza Strip.
Meeting was organized by Palestinian living in Greece, solidarity foundations and radical leftist alliance of SYRIZA. Aleksis Tsipras, Chairman of SYRIZA attended also the meeting, which has the third protest meeting held in Greece to protest Israeli aggression in Palestine territory of Gaza.

Chanting anti- U.S slogans carrying huge Palestinian flags, people marched the U.S Embassy to Athens. Meanwhile it was seen that the police took wide range of security precaution around the consulate.

Meeting lasted in hours and protesters left square without creating any violence.