Israel’s blood Gaza campaign protested in New York

NEW YORK (CIHAN)- A huge crowd consisting of people from almost all religions, races, ages, nations and genders at New York’s famous Times Square protested Israel’s indiscriminate and bloody offensive on Gaza Strip which have claimed more than 900 people mostly innocent civilians.

Carrying Palestinian flags, photos of killed children and chanting slogans such as “Terrorist state Israel” ,” Murderer state Israel”, “ Stop massacre in Gaze” more than five thousands of people marched from Times Square to UN Headquarters. Calling US government also not to support Israel, the crowd also chanted slogans saying “Don’t give weapons made with my taxes to terrorist Israel”

Along with ordinary New Yorkers, numbers of politicians and NGOs also supported the demo. Tom Syracuse, The Head of Greens Party’s New York office represented his party at the protest marching with crowd.

“Coming here today we want to share the sorrow of people for war crimes of Israeli government. Israel government claims that they have right to kill hundreds of innocent people for the so- called security of their country. This shows that Israel doesn’t care about international law. Netanyahu and his cabinet should be prosecuted at International Criminal Court” Syracuse stated speaking to press members.

Director of New Jersey Passaic Islamic Center Dr. Muhammad Qatanani who also were among protestors, said that this war is against civilians, women and children. “I call Mr. Obama to keep his word that he gave before the elections. He promised to defend human rights and freedoms. He no longer should stay with criminals” Qatanani added.